Monday, 31 July 2017

My beloved Penne - such sadness.

I dreamed last night that two former St. Stephen's, Pittsfield,MA parishioners showed up at my home.

They were D. Mitchell (formerly Debbie Hinman), and Susan McWilliams (formerly Susan Goranson),

They arrived in separate cars (in both cases a 1985 vintage Ford Taurus Estate Car).

Once in my home they ignored me and left me to work alone at my desk.

In due course I told them that they would have to leave. They did so without complaint.  As I escorted them to my front door Penne, my beloved former rescue rushed out of my house.

Penne and I walked down the street and greeted a woman who was walking a lovely black Labrador.

The woman complained about the noisy children in the home, but when I explained that they were not children but my "lady friends" Susan and Debbie she said "well that's O.K. then".

I said to Penne "Let's go in the car" (something she loved to do), "I need to get some wine".

Then I woke up.  It was 10:00 p.m. I realised that it had all been a dream, and I became very sad.

This was because I miss my Penne so much.  I've spent the whole day (rain, winds and all) thinking about her - a wonderful dog who brought me such joy. I've had teary eyes.

Oh Penne. You were so good to me, and for me.

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