Wednesday, 29 November 2017

So far, so very good

Day bed  (in my bedroom)


We are winning each other's hearts by the minute!

Izzy is deeply affectionate, and want to be near me at all times.  I dare to think that she already knows that she is set for life.

I introduced her to her crate bit by bit, 30 - 60 seconds at a time.  She seemed to be very comfortable.

 Later on I told her to "go into your crate", and she did so with alacrity. I left her there for 15 minutes.

Even later I crated her again and left the house for twenty minutes. That worked well.

She already knew the command to "sit", now I am teaching her to "stay".  She is very teachable.

Even later I said "on your bed" (the one near my computer), and there she is, perfectly comfortable.

She and the cat have not met.  I am keeping Adelaide on the Lanai for the while. Izzy wants to meet her, but that will have to wait since Adelaide hisses at the very sight of her.  This too shall pass.

We've had three or four short walks; goodness gracious she is so strong, and longing to chase the squirrels!

A bit later we went for a long walk  (there will many, many others).  We met Rick and John with their four dogs  (two Labrador Retrievers and two Standard Poodles). A five way love fest ensued.  I am so relived that Izzy seems to be comfortable with other dogs.

On that long walk I encountered eleven  neighbours.  Izzy greeted each and every one with great affection. They are each agreed that she is a handsome and loving dog.

I think that I have a winner.


Izzy took to her night bed (in a crate) and slept the night through with nairy a whimper, but boy does she snore!

We took a short early walk.  She peed as she was supposed to!

Later we had a long walk, this was the chance for her to poop, and she did.

Thank goodness she is house trained.

Izzy walks with her nose to the ground, and her ears always up. She is a hunting/herding dog.  The word has gone out with the squirrel colony "run, hide, Izzy is in the neighbourhood".

When I am at my desk she loves to rest her head on my leg as she presses her chest into my thigh. When I've had enough of this I direct her to her day bed where she is right now, tuckered out after her ,long walk.

Snoozing after her long morning walk.

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