Sunday, 22 April 2018

This Robot's not got.......

This robot's not got ........... what it takes.

At first I planned to give this blog the title  "Robot No Go". Then I remembered that "Rowbow"  used to be  (and maybe still is) an eccentric British way of pronouncing "Robot", but it would be a mystery to Americans.

Setting that aside I repeat "This robot's not got....what it takes".

The ever gorgeous Zion sheds so much.  A friend suggested that a robotic vacuum cleaner would be great for scooping up dog hair.

I did some internet research which indicated that a Neato brand machine would be great for dog hair.

So I bought one on Saturday at (of all places) "Bed, Bath and Beyond".  I carefully assembled it, and let it charge overnight.

I set it free this morning and watched with a level of wonder as it trundled around my Lanai. I had removed all possible obstacles.

Then it stopped.  The display said "please clear my path".

I cleared the path, but my non-Neato stopped again six times within forty minutes, each time displaying the same message.

Oh dear, my dreams of vacuuming in absentia were dashed. This robotic cleaner has not got what it takes in surmounting minor obstacles.

I ignored it after the sixth stop.  After a few minutes the bloody machine started to yell at me like a lamb with laryngitis which is bleating for it's mother. 

Enough already!

I took it back to Bed, Bath and Beyond this morning where it was accepted without question and my money was refunded.

Good for them, but I wish that the clerk had asked a few questions so that BB&B would have information about the products they offer.

It's unlikely that I will buy another brand. I'll slave away 😜with a dry mop and a traditional vacuum cleaner.


P.S. (1) The word Robot is derived from (an invented) Czech word - robata- meaning "forced labour", or "drudgery".

P.S. (2)  There was a time in the north of England when traffic lights were called robots.   This usage may have died out, but I am led to believe that it is current in parts of Africa.

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