Friday, 4 January 2019

Love at first sight in the park.

They were having a lively and  animated conversation, the two woman with their dogs at Arlington Park this morning.

One of the dogs was a magnificent Great Dane.

They were blocking the pathway so I bypassed them by walking through a wooded area.

I was walking clock wise on the half mile loop.  The Great Dane and his owner were walking anti clockwise. 

Came an open grassy area and all unbeknown to us the Great Dane was fixated on Zion, some three hundred yards away.

Then another wooded area leading to yet another open area and there was the Great Dane walking counter clockwise, his eyes fixed on Zion as we walked clockwise.

We inevitably came near to each other.  The owner of the Great Dane asked if the two dogs could go face to face.  Of course we could. The Great Dane's tail was all a-wagging, enough to cause a sand storm. He was drooling a-plenty!

The owner said  "my dog has been fixated on your dog since first we passed.  I have never seen such a tail wagging on his part.  He likes your dog!"

Of course.  Mr. Zion brings out the best in people, and in other dogs.

It was a lovely encounter.

Great Dane, stock photo'

'Twas all quite wonderful of course.

But I was a wee bit envious.  When, oh when will a great Dane have a fixation on me?  Drool not required!  (I'll settle for a Swede or a Norwegian!)

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