Sunday, 3 February 2019

His name is Bodie

As I've mentioned previously, one of the things I love about Sarasota's Arlington Park is that I see a lot of children there, maybe riding their bikes and scooters, or kicking a soccer ball, or simply goofing off  - without a heliocopter parent in sight.

It's a wonderfully safe place for children to play.

Today Zion stopped to engage in that canine obsession with a single blade of grass.  Up trotted a lone boy child, maybe eight or nine years old.  He asked if he could pet Mr. Z.  

Given the fears about children and strangers I said yes, given that we were in full sight of the dog park and therefore in view of many adults.  The boy and Mr. Z engaged in a love fest. 

I told him Zion's name, and asked what was his.  It is Bodie.

Bodie wandered on.  I rounded a bend,  There he was, crouched down and trying to entice a squirrel to come near.

The squirrel bounded away,  and in a sight which I found to be touching, Bodie waved it good-bye.

The best was yet to come.  As I was beginning to drive out of the car park,  here came Brodie, clutching his dad's hand as they walked out of the park.

Zion's head was outside of the back window.  I rolled my left window down and said "hi Brodie".  Then I spoke to the dad.  "Brodie" I said, "met Zion a little while ago".

"Yes ", said the dad (with a broad smile) "Brodie told me that he met a nice dog and a nice man"

Oh to live in an America (and world)  where this kind of gentle encounter is the norm.


Back at home I was ready for a hearty and home cooked lunch.

A casserole with butternut squash, cauliflower and pork, cooked with mango salsa.

Did anyone say "yummy"?

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