Friday, 8 March 2019

Unpleasantness at the Supermarket.

I was in my local supermarket this morning in the express lane, with my four items.  (Publix gets it right with "fewer", not "less").

There were two people ahead of me.  The one whose groceries were being scanned was more than talkative, thus slowing down the line.   

Was  the clerk/cashier supposed to say:   "Hurry up ma'am, there are other people in line"?  Of course not.

From behind me I heard an almost disembodied voice say  "Is the the Express Line?".   I ignored her question, The lane was clearly marked "Express, Ten items or fewer".  

The voice cried out "she (the clerk/cashier) is talking too much".  (Can you hear the querulous tone?).

Came my turn in line.  The voice behind me addressed the clerk/cashier asking "are you new here?" The clerk/cashier volunteered that she had  been employed since last October.  The voice said "I knew it" in a certain tone of voice

The clerk/cashier blushed.  I spoke to her and said "you are doing just fine".

Even as I gathered up my purchases  the voice behind me addressed the clerk/cashier saying   "You are very slow".  

At this point, just before the steam came out of my ears, I turned to the clerk/cashier and in a firm voice I said "thank you very much for your good service".  

Of course that was not enough. So before I left the market I sought out a supervisor and said "a customer was very rude to your clerk/cashier C.    I want you to know that C handled it very well and she is to be commended".  

That was about the least I could do in this business of helping to create the peaceable creation.

Where do people "get off" by being rude and nasty to hard working retail clerks/cashiers?


At least the Supermarket sign did  not read "Ten or less"

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