Sunday, 14 April 2019

Australia and Clean Dogs

When I was in Australia (2011) I took a Boat trip down the Yarra River from Melbourne to Williamstown.   I had to see the only other Williamstown in the world - alongside Williamstown MA.

I decided to return to Melbourne by taking a train from Williamstown, rather than traveling  back on the boat.

I had to change trains at Newport (VIC) Australia.

Just outside the Station I was amused to see this business

I had visions of an early Ford Motor Company assembly line in which a dirty dog was cleaned up as she/he went down the line.


It's not that automatic.  

I found that out today as I used the DIY Dog Wash at the intersection of Beneva and Webber here in Sarasota, a couple of miles from my home

Zion was a trooper as I bathed him and dried him

Good DIY Dog Wash.  Good Dog as he enjoyed his wash.

Sad that I will no longer be taking him to the Pet Groomers of Sarasota on Stickney Point Road -  it's just too far away.

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