For Passover

Passover begins today (April 19th 2019) at Sundown.  The Seder, a both solemn and joyful meal, commemorates G-d's liberation of Israel from bondage in Egypt.

Seders take place in Synagogues and in homes.

The Passover meal ceremonies vary from Jewish community to community.  Whatever the ritual the essential theme is freedom, and gratitude.

In the Jewish diaspora the usual custom is to hold two seder meals.  This is never the case in Israel.

Here is why:


I suppose that it is impossible now to sit at Table for Seder without thinking of the horror of the  Sho'ah, (meaning "calamity" in Hebrew), even though there is a Jewish day of remembrance Yom Hashoah Ve-Hagevurah“  which takes place a week after the seventh day of passover.

At Yad Vashem in Jerusalem there is an eternal flame, sacred to the memory of those who were butchered in the Holocaust.

"Barbed Wire" Sculpture at Yad Vashem

Stephen Paulus and Michael Dennis Browne created the

 Hymn to the Eternal Flame

(To the Eternal Flame at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem)

"Every face is in you, every voice, every sorrow in you.
Every pity, every love, every memory, woven into fire.
Every breath is in you, every cry, every longing in you.
Every singing, every hope, every healing, woven into fire.
Every heart is in you, every tongue, every trembling in you,
Every blessing, every soul, every shining, woven into fire."
 text ~ Michael Dennis Browne

The music is haunting. If you have never heard it (and wept), please do so no


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