My mistake and the U.K. House of Commons.

I thought for a moment that I was near the U.K. House of Commons ****

Then I came to myself and realised that I was at Detwiler's Farm Market in SRQ,  and that they were selling rhubarb, lovely rhubarb, not often seen in local markets.

Rhubarb, lovely rhubarb!  

I am not much of a baker but I plan to use the rhubarb I bought today, together with some apples,  to make rhubarb and apple crisp.  If it turns out well you'll see a picture tomorrow.

If it flops then we'll never speak of this again!


But why did I think that I was near the U.K. House of Commons and why  **** "a load of rhubarb".

There is a story that in crowd scenes in a movie,the background actors appear to be chatting but in fact they are simply saying "rhubarb, rhubarb".

Hence,  in the U.K.,  when folks spout nonsense about all and everything, it is said that they are spouting "a load of rhubarb", especially when that nonsense is uttered in the House of Commons.  

I confused the rhubarb at Detwilers with the the chatter of the House of Commons (and of the U.S. Senate and House).



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