Everett MA. The giant sucking sound as an urban casino opened today,

The Everett (MA) Casino (Abomination) opened today. 

My friend Dana Robert Daneel (who lives nearby) took a "Joshua and Caleb hike" to spy out the land. Here is what she wrote:


"I took an urban hike with my friend Ann Braude so we could see the inside of the casino on opening day. It was packed out with thousands of people. Gambling as far as the eye could see. The Popeye sculpture cost $28 million. The buffet was $39 plus 18% gratuity. Nothing is cheap there. You could hear the giant sucking sound draining our local economy. They passed out free bottles of water, but do you know they have NO recycling bins? They are expecting over 50,000 people today--all those bottles go straight into the trash".

Thanks Dana for the text and photo's above.



Massachusetts, where I lived for thirty years, is often reckoned to be a liberal state.

Fie on this kind of liberality which robs the poor to enrich the already rich. 

Shame on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (its official name)  which now has no pretense that it is organised for the 

Common Weal - Common Wealth - Common Good.


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