Saturday, 29 June 2019

Renaming Sarasota County (or too much tarmac and concrete, and too few trees).

At the north east boundary of Sarasota County, FL, and the south east boundary of Manatee County.FL  there is a huge retail development known as the University Town Center.

UTC includes a traditional mall, plus some offshoot plazas with fancy names such as "The Shoppes".

The nearest University is New College, FL some five miles away.

It is not a Town Center -  there is no Church, no Post Office,no small town green, indeed none of the signs of a traditional small town center.

I hate the place.  U.T.C. and its satellite plazas  have swallowed up so much agricultural land, replacing woodlands and wetlands with concrete and tarmac.

I was there last Wednesday  (albeit reluctantly) to buy some sneakers/trainers at a Kohls store, which has senior citizen discounts on Wednesdays.  I found the sneakers/trainers at a bargain price. ***

When I returned to my car the internal temperature was 102 f. Oh my goodness, too much tarmac and concrete, and too few trees.

I drove home via north Honore Ave.  I got so sad when I saw yet more trees being yanked out of the ground for some new "development"

Much of this rape of woodlands and wetlands in Sarasota is sponsored by the Benderson Company.

Perhaps we should rename Sarasota County as "Benderson County",  with a new County motto:  "WE HATE TREES" 


Back at home I discovered  that my bargain sneakers/trainers were no bargain. They were indeed sized  8 1/2  wide (my size), but they were womans'  sized .  I "got me money back"  next day.

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