Certain sounds bother my ears (and there is a name for this condition)

Many sounds bother  (and even hurt) my ears. 

That being the case I never watch T.V.  for fear of the shrieking and shouting in the commercials;  I rarely listen to classical music in my home or on the car radio ***; and when I listen to public radio in my car I am for ever turning the noise off  -  it bothers my ears.

I am more than bothered by the noise of lawn mowers, grass trimmers and edgers, and especially leaf blowers.

My local friends know that I cringe at the sounds of noisy restaurants; loud conversations;  souped up cars and  motor bikes;  and modified Dodge Ram, Ford F series, and G.M. super trucks.

More than my discomfort at loud public sounds, I am deeply bothered and made very uncomfortable by high musical notes and sounds.  I'd made a guess that any notes higher than the E above top C were bothersome.   I tested this with any on line key board and my guess was more or less accurate.

So Baroque era  music  *** is problematic with its soaring and high trumpet, violin and flute sounds.

Cellos, Bassoons and French Horns work well for me!

In the days when I attended Church regularly I would often sit with my dear (and now departed) Anno and Adrian Swain.  They sat very near the choir gallery in our almost "in the round" building.

Once a month the Church  hand bell choir would play.  When I saw that the hand bell  choir was "on", I'd have to forsake Adrian and Anno and sit as far away from the bells as was possible. 

I knew that the sound of hand bells bothered my ears greatly, but I did not know why.

Now I know that this aversions to certain sounds, and a somewhat painful reaction  is not a foible of my mind, it is a genuine physical condition called Hyperacusis.  See this:


There was  story in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune  (26th July 2019) about hyperacusis.  The story helped my to understand that hyperacusis is real  - though thankfully in my case it is nowhere near as acute as that of the woman in the story.

Here is a link to the article:



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