Go West Old Man (but not too far!).

This morning, acting on a whim, I drove with Zion across the Bay on the Ringling Bridge,  to the westernmost parts of the City of Sarasota - St. Armands Key, Lido Key, and City Island.

Many Sarasotans (and tourists) know City Island 'cause the Mote Marine complex is located there (as well as the Salty Dog Cafe!).

Few have visited and enjoyed the City owned and maintained "Ken Thompson Park"at the eastern tip of City Island.

It's another one of Sarasota's (almost) hidden jewels.  Zion and I enjoyed it this morning.

By the way, as I drove west on the Ringling Bridge I looked south and saw a water spout in the Gulf of Mexico, off Siesta Key.  

One does not stop on the Ringling Bridge for photo' opps (!) but I bet that there will be a photo' or two in tomorrow's paper.


That apart, this is what Zion and I enjoyed this morning.

South towards Bird Key 1

South, towards Bird Key 2

A bit out of focus, but that adds to the charm

Looking towards the Condo's a wee bit north and west of the Ringling Bridge

South, with the Ringling Bridge in the background

East, looking t'wards the mainland

What a gorgeous park

Looking south

A wee boat. Storm clouds in the air


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