Thursday, 18 July 2019

Shake (but no rattle and roll)

Zion and I extended our Canine Therapy ministry with a visit today to Sarasota's  "ALSO Youth".

We had a great time there with some lovely young women and a very shy young man.

Zion was, of course, a hit.  He is an attention hound!

One of the young women offered Zion a treat, but first asked me "does he shake?"

"Oh no" I replied, "he won't do that".

She asked him to sit  (which he did).  She held a dog treat in her left hand and extending her right hand she said "shake".

Then that attention hound proved his "Papa" to be dumb, by extending his left front leg and paw for a "shake".

Merde alors!  My lovely Zion did what I did not know he could/would do, much to the amusement of the young women at ALSO Youth.

So now Zion and I are working on the shake, play dead, and roll-over commands at home.   When he has mastered those we'll move on to the rubrics of the Book of Common Prayer (1662)!

Zion at ALSO Youth. He is a handsome dog n'est pas?

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