Saturday, 20 July 2019

Worcestershire, U.K. 1965

Some time in 1965 I was taking an evening  drive with a friend in the lovely English County of Worcestershire.

We saw lightning and heard thunder in the middle distance.  I asked my friend to pull over so that we could enjoy the storm.  She was happy to do so.

Lightning in Worcestershire  (stock photo).

Like many children  I had been afraid of thunderstorms as a child. Mum tried to allay my fears by saying that the thunder was the noise of Angels delivering coal to heaven.  (I never thought to ask why the coal was going to heaven and not to hell, where it would be more needed!)

By 1965 I had learned to enjoy the storms.

Now that I live in Florida (since 2006) I learn to anticipate and enjoy the storms which pass through this part of the State in the rainy season  (June - Nov).  When weather patterns are normal they come through most days in mid to late afternoon.

I breathe a sigh of relief.  Our rivers, aquifers and retention ponds are being filled. Trees, flowers, shrubs and lawns rejoice.  We are unlikely to face a drought.

A mother and father of storms came through this afternoon.  Dark clouds, heavy rain, noisy thunder, beautiful lightning.  Oh bliss!

We are used to the summer heat and humidity, but truth to be told,  it's been cooler in many parts of Florida than in New York and New England.  That enabled Zion and I to have four long walks before 10:00 a.m.

This afternoon's storm (it's still rumbling around at 7:00 p.m.) has lowered the temperature, and reduced the humidity. And so it goes.

Today's storm 

Today's storm 2.  The villas across the pond from my home can scarcely be seen

From my car port -  the street has become a stream

Zion is not bothered by thunderstorms  (thank heaven).  Here he watches the storm from our front door.

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