They are NOT Evangelical leaders.

They are not Evangelical Leaders.   I  know a bit about this since I was raised in an Evangelical (maybe Fundamentalist) Church and I studied at a somewhat  progressive Evangelical Seminary.

Despite what lazy journalists say, the following men (see below) should not be identified as Evangelical Leaders. 

That does disservice to a noble evangelical history with godly leaders:    e.g. people such as  William Wilberforce M.P.  who never gave up in the U.K. parliament until the Slave Trade was abolished in the British Empire; and  Lord Shaftesbury who campaigned against child labour; and Hannah More the great social reformer in my home City of Bristol U.K.

They were among the best of the evangelical tradition.

The men pictured below are not "evangelical leaders".  They have sold their souls for the right to bear that description.

They should be identified in the popular media as "far right Republican businessman", or Trumpeteers.

Robert Jeffress, Pastor First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX  Estimated net worth $15 million.
Franklin Graham, President and C.E.O of the Billy Graham Evangelist Association. Estimated net worth $25 million.

Jerry Falwell Jr.  President, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA. Estimated net worth $10 million.


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