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Memory is tricky.   But I am more or less certain that I saw the Bristol Brabazon Aeroplane  in the air when I was a wee lad. The "Brab" and its pilot Bill Pegg are part of Bristol (U.K.) lore and pride.



I am more certain that with my twin Elizabeth I rode on the back of Rosie the Elephant at Bristol's Zoo

I could even be in this 1949 photo'. 

These many years later I think "dear, poor Rosie.  How miserable you must have been to live that  solitary life cut off from your parents, siblings and companions".  

Elephants are social animals.  A single Elephant in a Zoo is a sad and miserable animal -  solitary confinement is torture.


The Island of Lundy in the Bristol Channel (home to many Puffins) was once owned by one Martin Coles Harman, the self styled King of Lundy.

He had his own coinage minted,  one "so-called Puffin" coin being the equivalent of one British penny.

Minted in Birmingham 

The U.K. authorities were not pleased. Harman was fined heavily (for that era).

LUNDY is now a British National Trust Island, a safe and secure place for  flora, fauna, birds, (especially puffins),  bees and all manner of essential insects etc.


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