Sunday, 25 August 2019

Canine Concierge Company

Those of you who have super memories will recall that I took a trip to Inverness FL as long ago as (gasp) last Tuesday 20th August.

My dog, Prince Zion of Sarasota, spent the day at the Bayside Pet Resort in Manatee County, (at the back end of SRQ Airport, just over the County line).

It's a great place.  

I left one of my Tee Shirts with Zion in the hope that he would be "comforted" with my smell.

Not a bit!  He shredded it to pieces

This is what I'll do if you leave me alone, if only for nine hours.


Then his canine remorse set in.  He used Auntie Ashley's Canine Concierge Company to order a replacement Tee Shirt from "Three Dog Bakery" at the University Town Centre Abomination.

Sadly Zion got my size wrong, so I went to the store this morning, and replaced the "extra large" Tee Shirt which Auntie Ashley bought at Zion's instruction with a "large" size.

What fun:  "I am just the man at the end of the leash"!


What fun and joy:

I couldn't resist buying this wooden plaque which I saw at the "Three Dog Bakery".

Dog owners will understand and say Amen.

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