Of course I blame the cats.

Self willed, uncontrollable but controlling, demanding and un-appreciative.

It's the cats who use their ancient and cunning powers to create and control tropical storms and hurricanes, simply to let we mere mortals know who is in charge.

The storms are as unpredictable and uncontrollable as are their feline manipulators.

It started as tropical storm Dorian.  Now it's been "up-graded" to Hurricane Dorian.  

But where it it make land?   Who knows?  Not even the meteorologists!

Oh for goodness sake, let's hope that it by-passes Puerto Rico and the small Islands, whose residents have suffered enough hurricane damage (and in the case of the American territory Puerto Rico, via the cruel tongue of the American President Donald Trump).

The storm is expected to go up the east coast of Florida or Georgia.

We on Florida's west coast watch,wonder and wait.  We remember that Sarasota was supposed to be in the path of Hurricane Irma in 2017, but the storm (like a cat) had a sudden change of mind and moved east.  We were spared the worst, but even then some Sarasotans were without electricity for six weeks.

I checked my emergency box today.  My "Coleman" camping stove, flashlight, headlight, lantern, battery operated radio, candles and matches are all in good shape.

I have two gallons of bottled water.  

Before Friday I will fill my car with gas/petrol, and get some hard cash from an ATM - just in case.


Back in about 1978 when a hurricane was threatening eastern Massachusetts and I was new to America,  my mentor DeWolf Perry advised me to fill my bathtub with water. 

At first I thought that this was  a bit of anti-cat magic.  Then I learned that a bath tub of water would be useful source to flush a toilet should the worse come to the worst.


All checked and tested.


The (almost) best that I can do.

But whatever transpires I'll know that the cats are to blame.


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