Monday, 28 October 2019

Hallowe'en BLAH

When I grew up in the U.K. we were vaguely aware that 31st October was Halloween, i.e the evening before All Saints, (or All Hallows)  Day.

We'd never heard of  "trick or treating",  or of ghoulish parades, and home decorations.

The American commercial "celebration" of Halloween   has since flown east across the Atlantic to Great Britain.

I suppose that the parades of costumed young children (who hardly trick, but expect a treat) are fine and dandy.

But I hate the obsession with cruelty, pain, misery and death which has become a hall mark of Halloween observances on both sides of the Atlantic. 

I hate anything which celebrates a culture of death; 
(Zombies, the Living Dead etc).

In particular I am ticked off with the City of Sarasota which has sanctioned chintzy Halloween decorations in Arlington Park.

There is one ( directly opposite the dog park) which  particularly stirs my ire.

What a horrid sight for dog lovers.

  1. Blah again.

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