Better than Kit Kat

Many in European countries are familiar with KINDER chocolate products.

I've seen the KINDER eggs here in the U.S.A., (I think that they are  made and designed for children), but I have not seen other KINDER products here in the U.S.A. until recently.

The KINDER Bueno is now featured at the check out racks at my local Publix,  (you know, those racks which are designed  to tempt the eyes whilst waiting in line).


I have been tempted and I have fallen!  The bueno bars are all but irresistible!

I think of  them as a superior version of the more well known Kit Kat bar.

The chocolate is smoother  and less granular than that on Kit Kats.

The filling is crunchier and more tasty than that in Kit Kats,

I could easily become a bueno addict!


Given the name "Kinder" I had supposed that these chocolates were made in Germany.   In fact they are an Italian product, made by the well known Ferrero Rocher company.

Good for Ferrero Rocher, but never forget this:

In Germany children are always kinder.


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