Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Of Chicken Nuggets and Bare feet.

He stood outside my local 7/11 store, all bare footed as he was.

He moved to the door and opened it for me.

I thanked him.

He followed me into the store and began to look at the various "food" offerings:

One of the store clerks/cashiers announced to all and sundry,  in a loud and seemingly hostile and scornful tone,   "he doesn't have any money".

The Clerk/Cashier had  the right information, but the wrong tone.

I sidled up to the barefoot man and handed him a few bucks.Now he did have some money to buy some 7/11 fast food

It was not because I am especially gracious or compassionate to street corner panhandlers.  

It was because the store clerk's "attitude" bothered  me.

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