Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Have pity on me! Porringers and Blumenthals in my sleep.

Three nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a word which raced around and around, and  would not leave my mind.

It was the word "porringer".

Why in the blazes should this word disturb my sleep?   I never use it;  and I had but the vaguest idea of its meaning.

Here we go!

A porringer.

But what is it?

A porringer is this:



Last night, in the wee hours I awoke with  a name which would not leave my mind.

It was "Hester Blumenthal".  I thought that I knew her, and I sleepily rejoiced in an old fashioned forename.

When  I awoke this morning I did a Google search,  and discovered  that there is no Hester Blumenthal, but there is a British chef named Heston Blumenthal.

That's neither here nor there.


What is  odd is that my "sleep thought" led me first to the word "Porringer"; and two nights later to Chef Blumenthal.

How very odd!

If your name comes into my mind during the wee hours do you want to hear about it?

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