Sunday, 15 December 2019

At The Lakewood Ranch (FL) Farmers' Market Today.

My friend Ashley (Chrisman) Lloyd took me there.

I liked it more than the Saturday downtown market in Sarasota which is often over crowded and noisy.

The seasonal Lakewood Ranch market takes place in the parking lot of the local hospital,  so there is more than adequate parking space;  and a spacious market area.

There is so much truly locally sourced food -  grown or made in the  locality. 

My eyes and my nose were almost  more seductive than my budget allowed.

 I settled for this:

Locally made Gouda type cheese (aged for 18 months).

Food as art?

A gorgeous Batard made by local French citizens. ( The French and the Germans know all there is to be known about good bread!)

Heirloom tomatoes grown by local small scale farmers.  As I said to them "once you've eaten an heirloom tomato you'll never buy the supermarket stuff".


Bread, cheese and tomatoes.  All the makings of  a feast:  fit for the humblest peasant;  and for the privileged  monarch.

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