Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Do you know this place?

Photo' taken of a postcard which I found in my ex-bankers box of treasures.


It was probably more than twenty five years ago that I, staying in a Hotel in Paris,  tuned into a silly and lovely British sit-com called "Waiting for God".  ( French T.V. in those days was less exciting than watching molasses running up a hill).

As I watched the outdoor shots I thought "surely I know that place".

I waited for the credits at the end of the show which confirmed my suspicions.

The outdoor shots were from a lesser mansion in the village of Farmoor (near Oxford), known as Oaken Holt.

Gosh and be-golly, indeed I knew Oaken Holt.  I worked there in the early 1970's when it was the home of the Westminster Bank Staff College.   I was a tutor at what were called "Induction Courses" for  newly recruited Bankers, which  wasn't that much of a big deal.

When the T.V. programme was over I called my brother Martyn, in England,  who by happenstance had just been watching 'Waiting for God" in England, even as I had been viewing it in France.

I was tickled pink!  

Did you ever watch "Waiting for God"?

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