Thursday, 12 December 2019

Prince Zion of Sarasota (the perfect dog) bit me

Or maybe he didn't.

Last evening, 11th Dec 2019 I was having my usual good night snuggle with Zion.

He, quite out of character, barked in the midst of our love fest.

And I, to my great surprise, suffered a Zion bite to my forehead.

Oh my dear, precious and wonderful Zion.

I know that you did not mean to bite me;  but as you barked, your teeth and my forehead came into connection. 


Of course I did not scold Zion.  He did not growl or snarl,he simply "woofed".

What I suppose is that as I cuddled with Zion some outside noise spooked him, so he barked, and hit my forehead by mistake.

He always  lets out just one deep throat-ed bark when ever a person or dog is close to my front door.  That's good.

Indeed, if a passing butterfly farts, Z. lets out a strong bark

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