Friday, 31 January 2020

A Sad And Tragic Day

By the time you read this the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will have ceased to be a partner in the European Union.

It's a divorce which only one side wanted. No one in the E.U. has been clamouring for, or has wanted the separation.  

The U.K. Prime Minister Boris Trumpist Johnson has been heralding that the departure is "the will of the British People".

Well, the referendum, called by the feckless and irresponsible former P.M. David Cameron came out as 52% for Brexit, 48% to Remain.  That's an underwhelming majority.

I took a tumble at Sarasota's Bayfront on Wednesday morning (29th Jan) as a result of tripping on an crooked  and uneven  pavement. (No serious harm -  bruising to my right knee and to the "heel" of my right hand, and copious bleeding from my right elbow.  I am "all better" now, so please no sympathy messages, but I'll accept a healing gift card for Dinner for 2 at Ruth's Crist Steak House).

Brexit has come about because of crooked (Cameron/Johnson) and uneven (Corbyn)  political leaders.

As one who was British born and raised I have an aching sadness for my native land which I love deeply.

It's sometimes said that the Times of London had the following headline back in the 1920's.  "Fog in the Channel, Continent isolated".

Today as Brexit begins to take effect my sad headline is this:

Fog in the Parliament, The United Kingdom isolated.

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