Zion At One Of Our Gigs


Zion and I have a regular gig (every other Thursday) at Sarasota's "ALSO Youth"  (see above for info.)

On the  Thursday after Thanksgiving (2019) one of the participants took some photo's of the famous Mr. Z, using the camera they had bought on so-called Black Friday, i.e. six days previously.

They work full time, at varying hours, so it was not until today that they were able to make another visit to ALSOYouth, bringing these three photo's from November 2019.

Someone is dangling a treat above Z's head

Zion salivates

Treat eaten, he smiles!

Zion's bandanna identifies him as an authorised Humane Society of Sarasota County therapy dog.  I wear a lanyard  to identify me as an approved owner. I love my dog so much.  My pleasure is increased on account of our ability to be an HSSC approved team by which Mr. Z spreads the joy at two retirement communities; at New College of Florida; and at ALSOYouth 


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