He calls me Father Flanaghan , and I don't mind!

When I moved to Sarasota, FL in 2006 I alighted on my local Barber "Patrick".

I have been faithful to him (with one exception) since then. For you see, he is a local business man, with a self-owned Barber Shop.

He gives me as good a haircut and beard shave as any "fancy-dancy" downtown and expensive business could do, and at half  the price of their their fancy-dancy prices.

Patrick  is  Venezuelan born, and  Oklahoman raised. He has a wicked sense of humour, and greets one and all with a cheery smile.
I love it that he teases me by calling me Fr, Flanaghan. 

 I will support his local business for as long as I can.  There are precious few locally owned businesses in my neighbourhood, with the exception of restaurants and cafes of which we have an abundance.  Their food beats the pants of the Florida or National chains.


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