Sunday, 2 February 2020

The Dachshund Who Wasn't.

On Saturday evening 1st Feb 2020 I was with my friends Jack and Donna C, and Ashley L.

I told them one of my stories.

It was about  my godson Stephen G.    He was about three years old and had just learned the alphabet; and to use the toilet unaided.

His parents were entertaining guests when Stephen took himself to the bathroom. He returned, and with great glee announced  "I just made a "C"!  (The shape of his poop).

Ha indeed! A sweet story.

'Tis a sweet story which went right over Donna's head.   She hadn't clearly heard the word "godson", and thought that I had said "dachshund".

"How in the world", she was thinking, "can you teach a Dachshund to know the alphabet, and  to use a commode?" 

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