Friday, 23 May 2008

And now for something completely different

The following is not by me. I "stole" it from a Blog entitled "Let me tell you all about it sweetie"

A couple of days ago, a co-worker mentioned a few words that I pronounce differently than they do here in Central Missourah. Here, they spend "qwahders", ride "hahrses", and worship the "Lawrd".

See, I grew up in Southern Ohio, and I quickly learned upon venturing outside of the area that the dialect is peculiar to that part of the country. Contrary to what you may think, Southern Ohioans are NOT “hillbillies”. Hillbillies live further south. We are “hilljacks” and proudly so, but not uppity like Northern Ohioans.

I came across this list of Southern Ohio expressions that I thought you’ns might like. I have to admit that they are painfully accurate. Enjoy!

Piller: Soft cushion used to rest the head, as in, "I sure am tarred… can you'ns git me another piller for ma' head?" (variation: can also be pronounced as "pilla").

Waffle: Refering to the female spouse, as in "Don't git up, my waffle git a beer for ya!".

Poet: To dispense liquid, as in "Is that moonshine? Just poet in my glass".

Tar: Round rubber object used on an automobile to enable motion, as in "Did you take that old tar off'n your car? Don't thow it out, plant some petunias in it!".

Poke: a bag or sack used for carrying items, as in "Just put my Winstons in a poke".

Klumbus: The capital city of Ohio, as in "We're a takin a day trip up to Klumbus to eat at the Red Lobster".

Tuesdee: The second day of the work week, as in "It's Tuesdee, and my check hain't cleared yet".

Carry: To transport, as in "Can you'ns carry me to the store in your car?"

Sensuous: as in, "Sensuous gittin' up anyways, can you refill my moonshine?"

Aig: what a hen lays

Aints: small insects, as in, "He's got aints in his paints".

Arn: Appliance used for removing wrinkles, as in, "Don't bother me, I've got lots of arnin' to do and ma diet pill's wearin' off!".

Chiny: an Asian country

Deppity: assistant to the Shurf.

Fanger: digits of the hand, as in, "put that rang on ma fanger".

Furred: to be dismissed from employment.

Flar: a member of the flora family, as in, "who sent you them purdy flars?".

Hail: the underworld, as in, "You'ns can go to HAIL!".

Hern: belonging to a female, as in, "that ain't his'n, it's hern!".

Liberry: place to check out books, as in, "can you carry me to the Liberry?"

Oral: a lubricant, as in, "your car needs some oral".

Pank: a pale red color.

Purdy: attractive, as in, "she's as purdy as a pitcher".

Rah Cheer: here, as in, "sit down Rah Cheer and I'll git you some moonshine".

Roont: destroyed, as in, "this drought has roont my crops".

Skeered: frightened, as in, "that coon pert near skeered me to death!"

War: a thin round band of metal, as in, "is that a bobbed war fence?"

Worsh: to cleanse, as in, "It's Saturdee, go worsh yourself off".

Yurp: A continent including France, Spain and Italy.

Nekkid: Without clothes, as in, "She's as neekid as a jay-bird".

Spearmint: What scientists do.

Tal: What you use to dry off after a shower, as in, "You can get pretty candy stripe tals in boxes of Breeze"!

Uhmurkin: Resident of the United States. (Also "Murkin")

Ignert: Not smart, as in, "He sure is ignert. He didn't know Chiny is part of Asia".

Bard: Past tense of "borrow".

Farn: From another country, as in, "He's not an Uhmurkin, he's farn".

Retard: Stopped working, as in "As soon as I git to be 65, I'm a gonna be retard".

Daints: A formal event, as in, "Let's go to the square daints!"

Parmor: An automated device for cutting grass.

Tire: A tall structure, as in "If you'ns ever get to Yurp, you'ns kin visit the Eiffel Tire".

Tarnaida: Cyclone, as in "A tarnaida went through that trailer park and left $1 million in improvements."

Phrasin: Cold, as in "It's phrasin out here!"

Mill: Libations, as in, "Lits go to the Taco del Casa and grab a mill."

Igle: A symbol of America. Also used to refer to a club: "Ize down at the Igle's last night gettin' a beer."

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