Monday, 30 June 2008

At the Doctor's Office.

I was at my Doctor's Office today, and I saw this sign.

"All patients who have an appointment with Dr. Dunn or Lynn Griffin
please proceed to the check-out area to check-in"

It makes complete sense, but I found it to be quite funny.

Why was I at my Doctor's Office? I saw her cos I was feeling unwell. Turns out that I have bronchitis.


  1. You seem to have come out in sympathy with me. My chest infection seems finaly to be on it's way out after about 8 weeks, 3 courses of anti-biotics, & 1 X-ray. I have a further check-up/in/out? on friday

  2. Lisa's had some kind of chest/upper respiratory funkiness going on, too. Prayers for healing all around!

    Hope you feel better soon, dear friend. :)

  3. It's about bloody time this "Anonymous" git revealed his true identity. Who does he think he is Batman or something!

  4. Of course I know his identity.

    He is not Batman

    He is known as Fartman or Martman

    And he is a loveable git

  5. Anon says " I resemble that last remark"