Thursday, 3 July 2008


One of my favourite Church bloggers has decided to call it quits. I do not blame him.

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I was at Res. House this a.m. for the Thursday Prayer service. On Thursdays I lead this service, and usually also cook a big pot of food to supplement the carb/sugar rich pastries which are the staple diet of Res. House guests.

I made a “mess” of pork, turkey sausage, peas and pasta all held together with some “Campbell’s” cream of mushroom soup - enough to serve 40 people. It was greatly appreciated.

There were ten at the Prayer service. At least two were (bless them) “Rice Christians”, who hoped for a handout after the service.

They were not disappointed as I slipped them each $10, enough to buy a pack of cigarettes and a McDonald's dinner - good indeed if you are homeless. I do not give a shit that they were “rice Christians” - indeed they each prayed with evident honesty.

“K.S.” was also there. He is on the road to a new life. He has “worked his ass off” at Res. House in exchange for a one way ‘bus ticket to NYC, where he will rejoin his family.

I, and some other volunteers, gave him some dollars to buy food on the long trip home.

Res. House is closed on Holidays - July 4th being one of them. But our good volunteer, Jean Fulton is not happy with this. So she has assembled a skeleton staff to open Res. House for the morning of Independence Day.

I’ll be there with bells on, knowing that when I leave I will return to a home, whilst my Res. House guests will return to the Streets.


My Virgin Mobile ‘phone gave up the ghost some 12 days ago. It would no longer charge its batteries.

I decided to switch to a new, and cheaper provider.

So I bought a new ‘phone, and paid for 900 minutes.

All well and good, except that the new ‘phone and provider will allow me to place calls, but it will not receive calls.

I have made four calls to this provider. They are answered by the most polite women and men in Bogota, Colombia. They are great employees who try to be so wonderfully helpful.

Twice I have been told that the problem will be resolved in 24 hours.

That did not happen the first time, so I am not holding my breath overnight between today (July 3rd) and tomorrow (July 4th), for a promised second chance.

I want to keep the same mobile phone number, and that seems to be the un-resolvable problem.

Maybe I’ll have to change my mobile ‘phone # to resolve this silly problem. I hope not.

I’ll keep you posted!


This afternoon, Ben and I dodged the showers to go out to the Fruit Grove (about 4 miles East of my home) to get some produce.

I purchased about 10lbs of sweet Georgia peaches to take to Res. House on the 4th. (Homeless people rarely eat fresh and juicy fruits).

I also bought some locally grown green plums, pole beans, and fresh apricots. Living in FL has its advantages.

The total cost was (get this) $17.76!

More about Independence Day tomorrow.


That’s how it goes

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