Bush, McSame and Obama

"By all reports George W. Bush has been faithful to his wife. If only he had been so faithful to the Constitution, the American people, and those silly little things we have in this country called laws."

I have been using the above quotation as a “signature” on my e-mail. I use it because I believe in the Constitution, the People, and Laws.

I am an un-reformed “Lefty”. So there is little breathing space for me in these United States.

I will of course vote in the November Presidential election for Senator Barack Obama, and not for Senator John McSame. I’ll do this because I believe that Senator Obama will bring a change in tone to Washington - from confrontation to co-operation.

But I am frustrated that the campaign is developing into the “oh so usual” tit for tat and “gotcha” slogans. I so wish that my candidate would take the high ground and challenge us to return to the roots of Constitutional Government and the Bill of Rights.


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