Saturday, 23 August 2008

Ho Hum

Senator Barack Obama has announced his running mate – Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. I am not excited. It feels like a move to the centre, which is probably the only way to get elected.

But for me, some of the sparkle has gone out of Senator Obama’s campaign.

The Olympics are winding down. I have not watched a single moment of any event. It’s all a big commercial yawn so far as I am concerned.

The Chinese Government has proved its mastery of control freakery. We are headed that way in these United States.

Tropical Storm Fay missed Sarasota all together. We got not one drop of rain. Now she is lumbering across the Florida panhandle - good news for that rain deprived region. She also may be headed towards New Orleans - bad news for that City.

We are getting our usual daily rains in SRQ, but, welcome as they are, they have nothing to do with Fay.

I’ve spent most of today labouring (and I mean labouring) over the sermon I will deliver tomorrow morning at St. Margaret of Scotland Church, just east of Sarasota on State Route 72. Their Rector has had to leave town to take his daughter back to College, so I am leading three Sunday morning services.

But I did have a nice break. A friend called unexpectedly, and he visited for a few hours. We chatted out on the Lanai, and then I made a simple dinner for the two of us. It was nice to have a buddy in the house for a while.

I’ll post my sermon tomorrow evening.

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  1. Do not follow the Olympics either but excited by the news over at 'Three Legged Stool (
    Look forward to your sermon, sorry no rain but glad no strong wind either.