Thursday, 4 September 2008

Bloviation and substance

Bloviation and substance
I did not watch Governor Sarah Palin’s speech last evening at the Republican Convention.

Nor, for that matter did I watch the speeches of Senators Obama and Biden.

The Englishman in me finds these Conventions to be tedious.

I dislike the “hoopla”; the scripting; the bloviating; and the inevitable applause.

I see the Conventions (Democratic and Republican) to be utterly phony and silly.

But I did read the “pistol packin’ momma’s” speech today.

The pundits, the press and the bloggers swooned about Gov. Palin’s performance.

But I found her words to be filled with style, sans substance.

Not a word about our collapsing economy; or about health care, pensions, employment and our wars.

A ton of rhetoric. Not an ounce of wisdom.

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