Thursday, 25 September 2008

An excellent adventure, part three

This is the 366th entry on my blog. So I have been blogging for over a year.

Last Sunday Joyce and I drove back from Boca Raton to Sarasota.

Rather than taking the interstate we chose to drive over Route 27 which runs South East/North West.

This is the route of the belly of southern Central Florida. It is the route of Cattle ranches (yes we have many of them in Florida); of Orange Groves; and of Sugar Cane plantations (the latter using up far too much water, thus causing the impoverishment of the Everglades).

It is the Florida which is unknown to tourists: it is the Florida of rural poverty; rednecks; small towns and hamlets.

We drove through three of these towns: South Bay (on the south bay of Lake Okeechobee); Clewiston; and Arcadia.

In Clewiston we stopped at McDonalds (practically the only show in town) and encountered the most dysfunctional staff imaginable. They were having a loud and protracted “fight” even as we waited for our food. The Manager made things worse by entering the fray and screaming louder than any of the staff.

They were interesting towns to drive through! Do read more about them, especially the demographics, at the following Wiki sites.,_Florida,_Florida,_Florida

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