Friday, 26 September 2008



I was supposed to have a tooth extracted yesterday. My good Dentist decided that it was a job for an Oral Surgeon, and not for him.

The tooth broke off today. Only the root is left. I am in no pain, and the Oral Surgeon will take care of the root in a couple of weeks.

I spent some time with “William” this morning. He is still very sad, but he loved it when we prayed together. We’ll get together for lunch on Saturday 27th

Ben and David will join me for dinner tonight. I have prepared a “Fish Soup” (a new concept and recipe for me). It includes leeks, sweet onions, green and red peppers, mushrooms, and canned tomatoes, with catfish and shrimp. I like to try new recipes.

The developed world is in a mess. Our “economies” are in a melt-down. The world’s environment is on the point of collapse.

We are entering the toughest time since the great depression.

I will cope. Folks of my generation will cope.

But coping is not good enough.

We should be creating.

What sort of world will there be when my 12 years old nephew is as old as I am now?

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