Sunday, 22 March 2009

1 of 2 for March 22nd

Not by plane, but by road.

On Saturday 21st I took off early afternoon to be present at the funeral for the Revd. R. Bruce Ryan, a retired Priest who hung out at St. David’s, Englewood, FL (where I used to assist).

Bruce died at aged 80. He was very conservative in his theology. He and I would have disagreed on so many Church “issues” - but for the fact that Bruce had the most generous of hearts.

So we never had to disagree - we simply cared for each other for the right reasons and did not fight with each other for the wrong reasons.

I left St. David’s and headed down to Fort Myers FL where I was “supply Priest” for the weekend at St. Hilary’s Church.

En route I was dazzled (and almost drove off the road) as I witnessed the performance of the U.S. Navy “Blue Angels” who were part of the Port Charlotte, FL Air Show.

These pilots are the tops. They are based in Pensacola, FL - the retirement home town of my good friends Barbara and Don Hauler.

St. Hilary’s is a neat parish and I enjoy “supplying” there. As a great bonus my former Cambridge Parishioner, “Dennie” Bolis was there, with her daughter Janice. We enjoyed lunch after the third service this morning.

St. Hilary’s has a Saturday evening Eucharist, and three Sunday morning Eucharists. It is a tiring schedule.

(And I was bored with my sermon (see below) when I preached it for the 4th time at the 11:00 a.m. Eucharist!)

I was so very weary as I drove to my home this afternoon (a journey of about 75 miles, north of Ft. Myers) on Interstate 75.

But the people of St. Hilary’s are cool - so it was with a good weariness that I arrived home.

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