Evolution; G-d, and Interdepence

It is in the ordinary that we find the extra-ordinary.

Having never been the greatest of animal lovers, I now find myself to be devoted to three pets.

Adelaide and Ada, the cats, made their home with me just under a year ago. They are simply gorgeous, and I cannot imagine life without them.

Last Tuesday I adopted “Penny” a seven year old mutt. She had been left at the Humane Society Shelter.

Penny and I have bonded in a most marvellous way. Wherever I am in my small home, Penny decides that she must be as near to me as possible. I like that!

She loves to walk, and to ride in my car.

I left her alone for about three hours today. When I returned home she greeted me with a wild excitement. Of course that made me happy.

And the cats have been more solicitous than ever for my company since Penny arrived.

I know that I am an animal, as are Ada, Adelaide and Penny.

Yet we seem to be animals that “need” each other. Somewhere in the process of evolution (yes Darwin was right!), many animals have developed interdependence.

And if there is a G-d, (and it’s a big “if”), then perhaps there is a necessary interdependence between the Divine and the Human.

If that is so, my years of ministry may not have been futile.

Perhaps the best “ministry” is that which celebrates interdependence.


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