Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Adoption Day 2

Penny is settling in far quicker than anyone could imagine. She is a very placid and gentle dog.

She likes to walk, so now I will be taking three shorter walks each day rather than my one long walk.

She also loves to ride in the car. When we leave the house she goes directly to my car, hoping for a ride.

And, thank goodness, she neither jumps up on humans, nor does she try to lick their faces.

I’d thought that she did not bark, but she did tonight. I had friends here for dinner tonight and they knocked on the door, and then walked in. Penny greeted them with many hurrahs of barking, but quit just as soon as I told her that all was well.

My dear cats, Ada and Adelaide are reacting very well to this stranger in their midst. I tried to keep the dog and the cats separated for two days (as the Humane Society recommended), but that proved impossible as the cats were determined to investigate.

Ada, the shyer of the two cats, has throughout the day been so friendly towards Penny, with much sniffing and rubbing alongside.

Adelaide, the flirty cat, spent most of the day hissing and growling at Penny, but later, she too did some inquisitive sniffing.

There was a wonderful moment this afternoon when as I sat on the Lanai, Adelaide and Ada took their places on adjoining chairs, whilst Penny rested on the carpet. And the three animals simply looked at me!

Next I’ll get a talking goldfish or a swimming parrot!

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