Monday, 23 March 2009

On the strange side

1.I knew a couple, Bert and Edna Air, (both now deceased) who spread marmalade on all their hot and cooked meats - ham, lamb, chicken, beef or pork. They thought that it was the most wonderful thing.

I had dinner at their home one day - and I begged to differ.

2. When I walk each morning, I have to walk in a clock wise direction to and from my home. I feel very uncomfortable if I have to walk anti-clockwise.

Go figure.

3. Overheard in a store today when two female friends (strangers to me) encountered one another:

Friend One: “Wasn’t that a wonderful show last night”

Friend Two: It gets better every year.

Friend One: “He was wearing the most beautiful gown. He says that he has other gowns stored away”.

Friend Two: “Yes, and he is very handsome”

Silence from the (presumed) husbands of these women.

4. I am a counter.

I count my paces when I walk, I count the treads when I walk up or down stairs, I count the seconds at traffic lights, or when I am in an elevator/lift.

I have lost count of the occasions on which I count.

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