Sunday, 28 June 2009

The Welsh have a word for it

Hiraeth is a Welsh word that has no direct English translation; an approximation would be the longing, or yearning for home.

I translate Hiraeth as “wistfulness”.

The following Noel Coward song, and the photo’ attached evoke in me such a wistfulness, such an Hiraeth that I could weep.

I believe in doing what I can
In crying when I must
In laughing when I choose
Hey ho, if love were all
I should be lonely.

I believe the more you love a man,
The more you give your trust,
The more you're bound to lose.

Although when shadows fall
I think if onlySomebody splendid really needed me
Someone affectionate and dear
Cares would be ended if I knew that he
Wanted to have me near.
But I believe that since my life began
The most I've had is just a talent to amuse.

Hey ho, if love were all

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