Sunday, 27 September 2009

Let's hear it for..

1...... President Barack Obama who is handling the mess created by eight years of “Dubya and the neo-cons” with great skill and patience. We voted for change, and we are getting it. It’s not as dynamic as some of us on the left would wish, but it is dramatic in its change of tone and attitude. George W Bush promised a more humble foreign policy but could or would not deliver on that promise, since he is an inveterate con-artist. President Barack Obama is moving us towards a more humble stance and for that we should be grateful. (And let’s keep our fingers crossed that the President makes wise decisions re Afghanistan ( i.e. in my opinion – “pay off the war lords and get the hell out of that country”)

2....... Cabbage. It’s one of the most under respected vegetables. Yet it is cheap, and very nutritious. Do not boil the hell out of it as your ancestors did. Try stir frying it with a wee bit of Soy sauce, or Worcestershire sauce for zest.

3....... Good red wine. Like cabbage it is good for our health. And there are some excellent and inexpensive Chilean varieties.

4......Trout. I had not eaten trout for this and so many years, but it was my choice at a restaurant lunch yesterday. I enjoyed rainbow trout, boned and grilled, and was delighted to be in touch with an old favourite.

5..... Cool family members and friends.

6..... People who are not a bit like us, and who encourage us to enlarge our boundaries.

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