Monday, 28 September 2009

What is God like?

1. After the Sunday Eucharist at St. Boniface Church on Siesta Key, FL on 20th September, a normally very sensible woman approached me. (She and I also work together at Resurrection House.)

She said “Michael, if God is not a woman, then he looks just like you”.

I am not sure if that is good news for me or bad news for God!

2. Regular readers will know that I have two cats, Ada and Adelaide. I resist the parental temptation to tell lies, and I confess that Ada is my favourite.

(Many parents have a favourite child, but they deny it with great passion).

(But I do treat the cats equally well).

3. I am planning to have my screened-in porch re-painted, and to have the faded old carpet replaced with ceramic tile. Business in this recession is so bad that I am being bombarded with bids from prospective contractors. I want to hire them all, since they seem to be such fine people, desperate for work in these tough days.

4. When I talk with strangers by ‘phone, they almost always ask if I am Irish. (Americans are not skilled in the business of distinguishing accents).

I am not Irish, but I would be if I could be.


5. GOD looks like a fairly short 65 years old man, with fading red hair, and a pot-belly.

GOD is an aging Irish Episcopalian Priest.

GOD has favourites.


6. So there you have it.


  1. So God is in fact Anthony Worral Thompson ( with a dodgy accent)

  2. I always thought God looked exactly like Nattie Birnbaum...