Thursday, 10 December 2009


There was a story today on N.P.R. (National Public Radio) about the possibility that President Obama will next year visit Indonesia, where he lived as a child.

The American Ambassador in Jakarta stated that our President would like to take his wife and children to the town and neighbourhood where he once lived.

The Ambassador said that President Obama would like to visit his “old haunting grounds” in Indonesia.

I have heard of “old hunting grounds”, and of “old haunts”.

I am not sure whether the Ambassador uttered a malapropism, or if he truly thinks that the  phrase is “old haunting grounds”. 

I am sure that I often regress to an  “old haunting ground” in which my memory takes me to the mistakes, sins, failures, and stupid acts of years gone by.

That memory often keep me awake at night. Damn it. I so wish that I could escape the haunting of my memory, despite the facts that ---

I cannot change the past.

My old haunts were mostly superb.

My old hunting grounds were fine.

 It is my “old haunting ground” which bothers  me most.

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