Tuesday, 8 December 2009


In my sermon last Sunday I ventured to say that many folks say “I’m fine” when they really want to say “go to hell”.
One worshiper, as he exited, said:  “Thanks for your sermon Michael.  I am fine”
I replied: “go to hell”.
Then we both doubled over in laughter.
Before Church I chatted with an Acolyte.  She is in the fourth grade.  She told me about her weekend homework science project.  It involved checking the enzyme levels from a piece of raw liver when it is bathed in hydrogen peroxide.  For goodness sake - this is amazing. 
When I was in fourth grade I was just learning cursive (“joined-up”) writing, and had received absolutely no education in any of the sciences.
I have re-discovered parsnips. I am on the cusp of being obsessed with them. (I roasted some for dinner tonight -  together with carrots, onions and chicken thighs).
As I was checking out at a Publix Supermarket yesterday, the woman in line behind me saw the parsnips in my shopping basket and asked “are those some kind of carrot?”
I disabused her of that notion, and then I launched into a peroration on the virtues of parsnips, and gave her many suggestions regarding the ways to cook them.
With hindsight I’ll guess that I gave her too much information!  But those who are near and dear to my heart will never, ever “diss” parsnips.

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