Thursday, 7 January 2010

Clever, or crafty?

Each day I walk my dog “Penne” around a local pond. Each trip around the pond is 1/3 mile. We enter and leave on a walkway at the east end of the pond, and we always walk clockwise. Thus, when we enter or exit, we turn left from and to the walkway.

Penne loves to walk and is loathe to quit.

After the first 1/3 mile, as we approach the exit, she steadfastly turns her head to the right, and quickens her pace as if to say “if I cannot see the exit, it is not there”.

She does the same after the second circumnavigation, when we are at 2/3 mile.

At the end of the third trip she gives up, as if to say “I cannot push my luck, Michael will never consider a fourth trip”.

I am not sure if she is clever, or crafty - or a combination of both. But I smile at her “nerve”.

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