Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Name dropping, friends, and the joy of a child.

Life has given me some wonderful friends, and wonderful days.

“Tinka” Perry (see yesterday’s blog) is staying with me. She and I took off in our conversation where we “left off” a number of years ago.

We’ve not seen each other today. She slept in whilst I shoved off to St. Boniface. By the time I got home, Tinka was at the funeral of her friend’s father.

Today I was at the regular Tuesday morning Eucharist at St. Boniface, and the bible study for ordained ministers, which follows the service. We welcomed a guest who, in Christian circles, is a well known theologian – Prof. Harvey Cox. It so happens that Prof. Cox became a friend whilst I was in Cambridge, so we hooked up again today. The other ministers were delighted/awed to have him share in our studies. Then he and I had lunch together, and the opportunity to get caught up.

His daughter lives in Pittsfield, and she knows my Congregational colleague the Revd. Rick Floyd, so we were also able to enjoy some Pittsfield chatter.

Later in the day I got over to All Angels Church on Longboat Key (my other Church) for their annual 12th night Concert. I had a role as “Good King Wenceslas” with the only child in this congregation of seniors as my page. She is the most wonderful Chase, aged 10.

I wanted to weep for the joy of her earnest and lovely and lovely singing. And of course I loved to be showing off, as I sang the role of the King!

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