Upon receipt of a compliment.

I met him as I walked Penne late this afternoon.  He too was walking, but I cannot remember seeing him before.

We greeted each other and he stopped and said “your dog is one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen”.   He continued “I have seen you walking many times, and have always admired your dog”.

We exchanged names.  He is Michael, and so am I.  He made a great fuss of Penne.  She was delighted.

Of course I agreed with him.  Penne walks with great verve - she strides forth with much energy, her tail always a-wagging.

I received his compliment with ne’er a blush.  I am so happy when strangers admire Penne. 

Evolution and G-d bought forth a gorgeous pooch, and I am blessed to have her as my house-mate and walking companion.  The cats also like her.


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